News in development of SIBYLA Triquetra model. Modules below are already finished. Use the icons for navigation to their description and complete module menu gallery.

LocalizerApril 2016
  • Definition of site conditions.
  • Geocentric site classification directly via 8 climatic and soil parameters.
  • Geocentric site classification indirectly via position, geomorphology and typology.
  • Phytocentric site classification via height and diameter growth parameters.
  • Definition of climate change time series.

CultivatorMarch 2016
  • Definition of various treatments:
    • thinning from below
    • thinning from above
    • neutral thinning
    • method of crop trees
    • method of target diameter
    • method of target (equilibrium) frequency curve
    • method of removal function (histogram)
    • regeneration felling method (clearcut and shelterwood approach)
    • thinning by list
    • assanation thinning
  • Arbitrary number of treatments in any period
  • Possibility to define different treatments for various tree species and periods.

GeneratorFebruary 2016
  • Generating tree parameters at different levels of input data
  • Generating natural forests as well as plantations
  • Possibility to define species mixture
  • Definition of herb cover within virtual reality
  • Filtering of plots

CartographerJanuary 2016
  • Connection of simulations to geographic information system
  • Creation of thematic maps
  • Digital terrain model
  • Selection of forest stands via spatial and attribute queries for purposes of growth prognosis

ExplorerNovember 2015
  • Viewing numeric and graphic data on initial forest state and state after prognosis
  • Forest visualizaton
  • Export of forest stand into virtual reality
  • Data about individual trees
  • Summary data about production, biomass, biodiversity, costs and revenues

MediumOctober 2015
  • Selection from list of plots
  • Add new plots to the list
  • Remove plots from the list

ExpertOctober 2015
  • Exploring and querying data via Data Inspector
  • Tree Diagnostic Card
  • Empirical model calibration
  • Interface to extensions and model chessboard
  • Other useful functions

LecturerSeptember 2015
  • Handbook of the model
  • Description of database structure
  • Video tutorials of the modules

3D ExplorerSeptember 2015
  • Exploring the virtual reality
  • Walking, flying and interaction with virtual forest
  • First person movement
  • Third person movement via selected avatar

SeparatorAugust 2015
  • Frequency model
  • Development of diameter and height structure
  • Volume and assortment tables

FarmerJuly 2015
  • Stand model
  • Yield tables

Physiologist/GardenerJune 2015
  • Big leaf model
  • Modelling eco-physiological processes for ecosystem unit represented by "big leaf"
  • Inputs: climate, soil, and ecosystem variables
  • Processes: pedotransfer functions, hydrological balance, stomatal conductance, transpiration, leaf energy balance, photosynthesis, respiration, leaf phenology

AlchemistApril 2015
  • Specification of parameters for process-based model
  • Parameters: crown, leaves, stomata, photosynthesis, respiration, etc.

PedologistMarch 2015
  • Generating soil parameters using typology information

CavemanFebruary 2015
  • Interface for connection of SIBYLA Triquetra software with CAVE system
  • Application Forest Thinning Trainer

PharaohJanuary 2015
  • Biome model
  • Estimation of biomes via climate values
  • Holdridge based model